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Christine's Graphics
Soft Sculptures
Graphics by Christine Juker 
Photography by Ross Mahoney
Treemonia - Tree Shepherd 

   Sondra Dunn Mahoney
   There is an old story about Treemonia, a wizard of the forest and growing things, who was chosen to wake and teach the trees to speak. He also created shepherds to guide the trees. He walks among them protecting and bringing new plants everywhere. The longer he spent time with them, the more Treemonia grew to look like the trees he loved so much! He became quite Entish. Treemonia is now called the Green Man. Trees are some of the oldest living things on Earth!

Original Hand Sewn Fiber Soft Sculpture..

One of a Kind.  2014.

20 1/2" x 8" x 8".

$ 910.00

Price includes shipping & handling.
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​    Tremonia is a Wizard of Wood.  He is the companion piece to Vodoyer, the wood element. .